Wheat flour trailer for sale

Wheat Flour Dry Bulk Transport Tank Semi Trailer
Wheat Flour Dry Bulk Transport Tank Semi Trailer
Wheat Flour Dry Bulk Transport Tank Semi Trailer
Product Name : Wheat flour trailer for sale
Brand : CIMC flour trailer
material : Food grade aluminum alloy material or stainless steel material
Capacity : 42 cbm ,60cbm flour transporters
Loading capacity : 20 tons ~30 tons
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Flour tanker flour transporter wheat flour trailer for sale | CIMC TRAILERS

CIMC Wheat Flour Dry Bulk Transport Tank Semi Trailer is the best flour trailer in China. CIMC wheat flour trailer is used for transport wheat flour, clear flour, low ash flour or other bulk food material.

To meet the transportation needs, CIMC can design and produce 42cbm wheat flour trailer60cbm wheat flour trailer trailer. in order to keep the quality of food material, CIMC wheat flour trailer adopts stainless steel material or Aluminium alloy material.

CIMC wheat flour trailer is without the diesel engine and compressor as standard, and the suspension of trailer adopts air suspension. we have flexibility on the specification of wheat flour trailer. CIMC will provide you the most durable wheat flour trailer with the competitive price.





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