fuel tanker truck trailer prices

fuel tanker truck trailer prices
Product Name : fuel tanker truck trailer prices
Brand : Fuel Tanker Truck Trailer
Tank Capacity : 40,000 liters
Tank Material : carbon steel
Axles : 3 axles, 13T
Tires : 6 pcs

Fuel tanker truck trailer with Single tire 

CIMC produces a fuel trailer adopt supporting special chassis, tank is made of carbon steel, the user can choose according to demand: stainless steel, steel lining plastic containers, glass steel, all plastic (polyethylene) materials. The tank body of tank truck trailer is designed for a square shape, also has elliptic, round. The tank body adopts computer roll board, mechanical welding and manual welding. All tank bodies are tested by high pressure gas test, and the tank inspection report is issued by the professional inspection and inspection institution. The fuel tanker  has the characteristics of high strength, stable center of gravity and stable vehicle carrying.

fuel tanker truck trailer prices

fuel tanker truck trailer prices

fuel tanker truck trailer prices

Advantages of  Fuel tanker trailer 

1. Splice plate machinery: one-side welding two-side forming, beautiful and smooth.

2. Tank Rolling machine: welding tanker body, sealing plate and anti-wave baffles together, greatly improve production efficient.

3. Bending pipe machine: pipe line of tanker can one-time forming, no need welding, Tanker body with carbon steel material, easy repair and low maintenance costs.

4. Professional painting workshop, high paints adhesion.

5. Advanced fuel heating system, so that the heavy fuel oil can be discharged without difficulties.

6. Reinforced ladder for cleaning and repairing oil tanker.

7. Bracket: single-armed strengthen structure, avoid the tanker deformation and welding crack.

8. Anti-wave baffles: adopt T610L high strength steel plate can increase the yield and tensile strength, also low the tare weight of tanker.

9. Plasma cutting machine guarantee the blanking material accuracy.

10.Painting: sand blasting, primer, top coating and spraying wax, ensure the quality and good-looking

11. strengthen main beam structure

12. Professional packing way can save the sea freight cost for customer.

13. Installed valve protection box, in order to prevent the leakage of transport medium from causing environment pollution and personal injuries

14. Low center of gravity, good stability.

Specification- CIMC Fuel tanker truck trailer 

BrandFuel Tanker Truck Trailer 
Dimensions11500 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x3700mm(Height)
Tank Body
Tank Capacity40,000 liters 
Tank Materialcarbon steel
Compartments1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs
Discharge3” or 4” ball valves 
Discharge Pipes4” rubber hose, 2 units, 6 metre/each
LadderThe tank is equipped with a front or rear ladder to facilitate the arrival to manholes.
Main Beams

Q345B steel fabricated I beams. 

Landing GearsJOST C200
Axles3 axles, 13T
SuspensionsMerchanical suspension 
Brake SystemWABCO

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