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CIMC : Building the world's leading multinational industry group


CIMC : Building the world's leading multinational industry group

"The future development path of CIMC has been well planned, and it is hoped that CIMC will have an advantage. The industry is relatively backward and the future growth potential is expected to continue to increase global influence. Cold chain, fire fighting equipment, natural gas and hydrogen energy, modules Chemical construction will be the focus of the Group's development, and we will do more world championship products.” Mai Boliang told reporters that CIMC started with manufacturing and will continue to strengthen and strengthen manufacturing in the future. To the financial industry, the service industry, and even the overall solution, vigorously promote the construction of the "integration and integration" of informationization and automation of the entire group, adhere to the goal of "stable progress, quality growth" and build the world's top international Chemical Industry Group.

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On the evening of August 27, CIMC Group released the first half of 2019 performance report. The report shows that in the context of a slowdown in global economic growth, CIMC maintained steady development in the first half of the year, realizing revenue of about 42.7 billion yuan and net profit of about 680 million yuan.

From the perspective of the business segments of CIMC Group, most of its main businesses still continued the growth momentum of the first quarter. Among them, the offshore engineering and production and city businesses have achieved substantial growth, and road transportation vehicles, energy and liquid food equipment, airport equipment, and logistics services have maintained steady growth. By region, overseas revenue still accounts for more than 50%.


CIMC wins 180 million orders from Shenzhen Airport


Most of the main business is increasing and highlights


In the first half of 2019, CIMC's container business continued to improve its market research capabilities, actively promoted the digital and intelligent upgrade of container production, and continued to promote the implementation of financial integration and electronic procurement platforms. The market share of CIMC Containers rebounded year-on-year. In particular, the new-generation factory newly built in Fenggang, Dongguan has been formally put into operation. The automation and digital equipment and environmental protection technology applied are obviously different from the traditional factories in the past, further establishing the quality leader of CIMC container products.


The improvement of the comprehensive capabilities of the container business has greatly strengthened the ability to withstand cycles. Although the growth rate of global container shipping has slowed significantly, CIMC Containers still achieved revenue of 11.332 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and its production and sales continued to be the first in the global industry.


Against the background of the decline in global import and export trade, which has brought greater challenges to the logistics industry, CIMC's logistics service business took a number of positive measures in the first half of the year to respond positively, and finally achieved good growth in both revenue and net profit. The report shows that CIMC's logistics service business achieved revenue of 4.31 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%.

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