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37T Container Side Loader
37T Container Side Loader

37T Container Side Loader

CIMC produces Container side loader, 40ft Container Side lifter Trailer for loading and unloading 40ft 20ft container with 37 ton lifting capacity.

Product Description:
CIMC 37T Container Side Loader enables us to handle containers of all sizes ensuring prompt handling at all times. We pride ourselves on our efficiency. We are committed to excellent service and will continue to deliver prompt service to all our customers.
We providing a quality service in container handling with container loading.

Different options: 20ft, 40ft, 45ft. 37-45T. Side Loader Truck, Container Side Loader Trailer.

Container Side Loader Trailer

40Ft Container Side Loader Trailer for Sale

Side Loader trailer for sale

Side Loader trailer for sale

Brand: CIMC 37T Container Side Loader 
Function: Loading 20ft/40ft Container Trailer
Axle:3 Axles
Braking System: WABCO 
Trailer Chassis: 14100mm*2500mm*4100mm
Tires: 12 units
Suspension: Mechanical/Air Suspension
Landing Gear: JOST
Operation: Wireless remote control or manual operation
Electric System: LED light
Power Source: Power take-off (PTO) or Diesel APU


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