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Chapter 1: How Much Does Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost?

The cost of a CIMC fuel tanker trailer can vary greatly based on various factors such as its capacity, construction materials, brand, and additional features. As an approximation, the price of a CIMC fuel tanker trailer can range from 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD or more.

CIMC fuel tanker trailers with smaller capacities are available in lower price ranges. On the other hand, a CIMC fuel tanker trailer with high capacity, specialized construction materials like aluminum or stainless steel, and additional features like multiple compartments or advanced security systems may be more expensive.

What is the capacity of a common fuel tanker trailer & price

Common capacity: 30,000 liters, 35000 liters, 38000 liters, 40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 50,000 liters, 60,000 liters.

38000 ltrs fuel tanker trailer price: 13000 USD

40000 ltrs fuel tanker trailer price: 13500 USD

45,000 liters tank trailer price: 14000 USD

50,000 liter tanker trailer cost: 14500 USD

60,000 liter fuel tanker price: 15500 USD

3 Axle: 13000-15000 USD

4 Axle: 14000-17500 USD

Aluminum Tanker Trailer Price: 25000 USD

Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer Price: 25000 USD

How Much Does Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost?How Much Does Fuel Tanker Trailer Cost?

What are the factors that affect the price of CIMC fuel tanker trailer?

1. Oil CIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer material

The most common materials for CIMC fuel tanker trailers are carbon steel and aluminum alloy. In comparison, aluminum tank trucks are more expensive.

2. Number of axes

CIMC fuel tanker trailers generally have 3-axles and 4-axles, and 4-axle tanker trailers are more expensive.

3. Suspension

Common suspensions are divided into air suspension and mechanical suspension. Air suspension is more expensive.

4. Valves

Valves of different standards have different prices.

5. Suppliers

Suppliers are the biggest factor affecting the price of fuel tank trucks. The quality of fuel tanker trailers produced by different suppliers varies greatly. If you want to use the tanker truck for a long time, you should choose a higher-quality tanker truck. CIMC provides high-quality, cost-effective fuel tanker trailers.

There are great differences in fuel tanker trailers in different countries; among them, European and American fuel tanker trailers are more expensive, while Chinese fuel tanker trailers are the cheapest, with guaranteed quality and high cost performance.

The price of a fuel tanker trailer of the same quality and configuration is lower in China than in Europe and the United States. It's important to note that these prices are rough estimates and may vary based on market conditions, geographic location, and other factors. If you are interested in purchasing a fuel tanker trailer, it is recommended to contact us for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

What are the factors that affect the price of CIMC fuel tanker trailer?What are the factors that affect the price of CIMC fuel tanker trailer?

Chapter 1: What are The Different Types of Fuel Tankers Trailer?

Fuel Tanker Trailer: These are the most common types of fuel tanker trailers. They are designed to transport gasoline, diesel or other petroleum-based fuels. CIMC fuel tanker trailers usually have one or more compartments to hold different fuel types.

Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer: Stainless steel tanker trailer is made of stainless steel (usually 304 or 316 stainless steel), which has good corrosion resistance and strength. Due to its heavier material, the Stainless steel tanker trailer's overall weight is greater than that of an aluminum alloy oil tank of the same capacity. The raw material and manufacturing costs of Stainless steel tanker trailers are higher, and the overall price is also higher. Stainless steel tanker trailer has a long service life and good corrosion resistance due to its tough material. Stainless steel tanker trailers are usually used in applications that require higher corrosion resistance, such as chemical, food and other industries.

Aluminum Tanker Trailer: Aluminum tanker trailer is made of aluminum alloy (such as 6061-T6 alloy), which is lighter in weight, but its corrosion resistance is slightly worse than stainless steel. Aluminum tanker trailers are relatively light, which can reduce the total weight of the vehicle and improve transportation efficiency.

The raw material and manufacturing costs of aluminum tanker trailers are relatively low, making the price more affordable. Although aluminum tanker trailers are lightweight and durable, they are slightly inferior to stainless steel.

Aluminum tanker trailer is more suitable for general fuel transportation situations, such as gas stations, transportation vehicles, etc.

Hazardous Material Tanker Trailers: Some tanker trailers are classified as hazardous materials (HAZMAT) transport, with additional safety features and regulatory requirements for transporting flammable or other hazardous liquids.

Multi-compartment tanker trailers: These CIMC fuel tanker trailers have two or more independent compartments, allowing them to transport multiple types of fuel or other liquid products simultaneously.

Insulated Tank Trailer: CIMC fuel tanker trailer is designed to transport temperature-sensitive liquids such as refrigerated food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The CIMC fuel tanker trailer has a tank built into it and is equipped with insulation to keep the contents at the required temperature.

CIMC fuel tanker trailers are designed to transport liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel and biofuels. They have a fuel tank built into the CIMC fuel tanker trailer bed, complete with a pump and hoses for loading and unloading. The specific design, safety features and materials used on these CIMC fuel tanker trailers depend on the type of fuel being transported, government regulations and industry standards to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of necessary liquid fuels.

What are The Different Types of Fuel Tankers Trailer?What are The Different Types of Fuel Tankers Trailer?

CIMC Fuel/Petrol/Diesel/Oil/Gasoline Tanker Trailer for Sale


Table of Contents

1. About CIMC fuel tanker trailer

1-1. What is a fuel tanker trailer?

1-2. What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer?

1-3. What can the petrol tanker trailer transport?

1-4. How many Litres does a fuel tanker carry?

2. CIMC fuel tanker trailer specs, capacity and drawing

3. Quality testing of CIMC fuel tanker semi trailer before leaving the factory

4. Package and delivery of petrol tanker trailers?

5. How do fuel tanker trucks work? 

6. Some precautions when using fuel tank trailers

7. How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

8. How many Litres is a fuel tanker?

9. Failure and repair methods.

10. The following is an explanation of some parts of the truck fuel tanker

11. How is Fuel Contained and Loaded in a Fuel Tanker?

12. Precautions for using diesel tanker


1. About CIMC fuel tanker trailer

1-1. What is a fuel tanker trailer?

Fuel tanker trailers are mainly used for transport liquid and oil. CIMC fuel tank body is generally made of carbon steel sheet, and it can also be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polyethylene and other materials.

CIMC fuel tanker trailer adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the tankers for you according to your request. The tank body has sufficient strength. There are anti-shock plates inside the diesel tank trailer. There are manholes and liquid discharge valves in the tank accessories. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.

CIMC 3 axle fuel tanker trailer for sale

CIMC 3 axle fuel tanker trailer for sale


CIMC 4 axle 90000liters diesel fuel trailer for sale

CIMC 4 axle 90000liters diesel fuel trailer for sale


CIMC 3 axle aluminum fuel tanker trailer for sale

CIMC aluminum fuel tanker trailer for sale


1-2. What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer?

CIMC Petrol tanker trailer material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum tank, rubber-lined, rotomolded, plastic tank, glass steel tank can also be used as required

Tanker trailer body types: square, oval, round.

1-3. What can the petrol tanker trailer transport?

Diesel tank trailer mainly transport gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, olive oil, soybean oil, olive oil, alcohol, edible oil. Stainless steel tanker trailer can also be used to transport chemical products such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and caustic soda. raw material.

1-4. How many Litres is a fuel tanker?

CIMC fuel tanker trailer can be designed in different capacities: 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, etc. The volume of petrol tanker trailer often purchased are 30 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 55 cubic meters, and 60 cubic meters.


2. CIMC fuel tanker trailer specs, capacity and drawing

Most popular 3 axle 40000liters fuel tanker trailer

Dimension: 11000mm*2500mm*3700mm(the exact size depends on the final design)

Volume: 40000liters

Application:  transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel

Tank body: 

Material: Carbon steel

Tank body and separate compartment plate:  6mm

Compartments: 2 compartments (based on customer needs)

Manhole cover: Carton steel or Aluminum alloy API manhole cover 500mm (diameter)

Discharge valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Bottom valve: Aluminum  API Pneumatic Bottom Valve

Tanker body test: Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment


Axles: 3 units, FUWA/BPW/CIMC/other

Landing Gear: JOST brand

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Suspension: Mechanical suspension and air suspension

Brake System: WABCO

Tire: 12.00R22.5/315.80R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20 brand can be optional

CIMC 2 compartment 3 axle fuel tanker trailer drawing


3. Quality testing of CIMC fuel tanker semi trailer before leaving the factory

Water injection experiment: to ensure the high sealed of tank body and avoid the leaks oil

Air pressure detection: to ensure that the oil and gas will not volatilize under high temperature, and to ensure the safety of the vehicle while driving and parking.

After the production of the oil tank truck trailer is completed, it must be inspected in the inspection room to check whether the tank has defects (impurities, etc.) to prevent potential safety hazards.


4. Package and delivery of petrol tanker trailers?

CIMC fuel tanker trucks trailer for sale usually adopt by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. We spray wax on the tank. Cover it with a waterproof rain cloth.

Some countries can also ship by container or frame cabinet.

CIMC diesel tanker trailer ready for shipment


5. How do fuel tanker trucks work?

1> European standard aluminum alloy tank cover

Aluminum alloy European standard tank cover is also manhole cover. It’s usually on the top of the oil tank, the tank cover has built-in breathing and emergency exhaust functions. CIMC diesel trailer has oil and gas recovery valve, oil measuring hole, anti-overflow probe on the manhole cover, etc.

During the filling process of the anti-overflow sensing system, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm to stop the loading of the oil.

The built-in breathing valve keeps the internal pressure of the CIMC fuel tank trailer stable and balanced with the external pressure when transporting oil.

Its spill-proof design prevents tanker trucks from being sealed in the event of an accident.

When the pressure of the emergency exhaust device in the fuel tank rises sharply, it will automatically open to release the pressure in the fuel tank, thereby preventing accidents and greatly improving the safety of oil transportation.

2> Bottom loading system of the storage tanker trailer

In the previous fuel tank semi trailer, we pour oil into the tank from the manhole above the tank trailer.Add a special oil pump at the rear of the petrol tanker trailer to realize the reverse loading and unloading of diesel.

Now, in order to improve the safety, CIMC oil tanker trailer production has all done the bottom filling process.

What is bottom filling? Important components for bottom filling: The main components of bottom filling are exhaust gas recovery system, anti-spill system, subsea valve, European standard tank mouth, control head, SO2 socket, anti-static system, bottom canned API connector.

3> Subsea valve

Subsea valve(emergency shut-off valve). Simple operation, time saving, safety and environmental protection.

Pressure-balanced subsea valve is used for multi-compartment tanker trucks, which can carry out separate loading and unloading of different tanks. The three-way design simplifies the pipeline, reduces the load, easy to operate, and safe and reliable.

The pneumatic shut-off valve is installed at the bottom of the tanker tank and can be refueled. The internal pressure of the valve is small, the flow is large, and there is a cut-out groove on the flange of the valve body.If the force is too large, the car body pipeline and the tank body will be automatically disconnected, and the automatic centering plunger and durable spring will still remain sealed, and the medium in the tank will not leak, thereby ensuring the safety of the oil tank.

When we can’t open because there is no air source or other reasons, we can open the cylinder piston rod and open it manually.



6. Some precautions when using fuel tank trailers

Oil losses can sometimes occur due to negligence on the basic safety requirements needed for operations. With ever-more rapid technological advancements, the detection and correction of oil handling equipment can be streamlined to guarantee transportation safety. For preventing oil losses, the following is a list of measures to be taken:

1> When filling the diesel fuel trailer, it is recommended to strictly control the safe capacity and loading height of the petrol tanker in order to ensure that there are no oil spills or splash;

2> Filling the oil drum, care should be taken to ensure no oil leaks from the reservoir;

3> When loading and unloading oil, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be sucked;

4> Used oil drums and the bottom of every barrel should be cleaned and drained;

5> In the process of cleaning the oil tank trailer, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be removed.


7. How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

In addition to the normal inspection of the braking system and the lubrication system, the gasoline tanker semi-trailer should also pay attention to the following points:

1> Do not make the tire pressure too high.

If the tire pressure is too high, the ground contact area of the tire will be reduced. The tread wear will be severe, this will reduce the braking effect when braking. There is no doubt that this will affect driving safety; when the air pressure is too high, the tires will easily explode on bumpy roads.

However, too low tire pressure is not good. Too low tire pressure will accelerate tire wear, increase vehicle fuel consumption, and also affect driving safety and vehicle braking effect.

Factory Show of Fuel Tanker TrailerFactory Show of Fuel Tanker Trailer

2> Too much diesel or gasoline filling in diesel tanker trailer.

Too much diesel or gasoline can easily block the breathing valve. As a result, steam cannot be effectively eliminated, and pressure is generated inside the tanker truck. Valve damage has occurred.


8. How many Litres is a fuel tanker?

The tank semi-trailer is a semi-trailer with a tank structure. Mainly used to transport liquids, bulk materials, and bulk cement.

1. The tank truck series are divided into oil tank trucks, concrete mixer trucks, powdered materials and bulk cement trucks, water supply trucks, etc.

2. The tank body is manufactured by three-dimensional design and advanced processing technology. The chassis adopts special chassis from various manufacturers with advanced technology and reliable performance. Cargo truck with canned containers.

Oil tanker trailer is mainly used for large-scale oil transportation, and the tonnage is generally around 40-60 cubic meters. The 50CBM Fuel tanker trailer square tank material is made of a Q235A steel plate. The tank body has built-in multi-channel reinforced anti-wave baffle plates, and the lower end of the baffle plate has through holes to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank and improve the strength of the tank during driving. 

The mouth of the combined tank is located on the top of the tank body. There is a small self-locking cover on the big cover, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the big cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank; it has an electrostatic grounding wire. 

3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Maunfacturer3 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale Maunfacturer

Install the oil pump system, take the power from the gearbox side through the power take-off, which can be self-priming and self-draining; with two oil pumping pipes, equipped with quick couplings, and the suction range is 6 meters.

Advantages: high efficiency of loading, unloading and transportation. Guarantee the quality of goods. Conducive to transportation safety. Reduce labor intensity and improve loading and unloading conditions. Save packaging materials and labor. Reduce transportation costs. Tank cars: shipping fuel, lubricating oil, acids, alkalis, water, food and beverages, etc.


9. Failure and repair methods:

1. The rocking resistance of the rocker is too large. Reasons: poor lubrication, replenishing lubricating grease, bearing damage, replacement of bearing gear eccentricity or serious wear, decomposition and inspection of replacement parts screw thread damage, replace the screw.

2. Reasons for fuel tanker of tire swing: loose wheel nuts, tightening of axle bearings, sintering and damage, replacement of bearings, bending of axles, correction and replacement of axle bearings, too large clearances, correct tightening of bearing lock nuts, replacement of bearing grease on time, replacement of axle bearings; excessive tires Partial wear, the verticality of the axis of the axle and the centerline of the frame is serious. Adjust the distance between the two ends of the axle and the traction pin as much as possible.

3. The brake cannot be released, and the brake release is slow. Reason: The system pressure is too low, increase the air brake system pressure to the specified value. The brake return spring is damaged, the spring pipe is blocked, and the emergency relay valve or quick release is checked and cleared. The valve is not working properly. Check and replace the brake cylinder and the stroke of the push rod is incorrect. 

45000L Aluminium Fuel Tanker Trailer Price45000L Aluminium Fuel Tanker Trailer Price

4. Braking failure and slow braking Reasons: the gap between the brake shoe friction lining and the brake drum is too large, adjusting the gap, the brake shoe friction lining is excessively worn, replacing the brake shoe lining, the air chamber is damaged, and the air chamber air system is replaced Leakage of the dynamic system causes the pressure to drop. Check the leaking location, repair or replace the parts, and the emergency relay valve is not working properly. 


10. The following is an explanation of some parts of the truck fuel tanker:

1. Fuel Outlet Valve

The special structure used in the fuel outlet valve help in ensuring that there is no oil leakage when the joint is removed. This valve is used for quick unloading of the liquid in the tank. Its internal structure complies with fluid mechanics and can minimize internal pressure during a large flow.

2. Air Release Valve

One of the important components of the manhole cover is the respiration valve, which is also known as a relief valve. The function of the valve is to adjust the pressure inside tank automatically. This helps to keep the pressure within a certain range. The relief valve protects the truck fuel tanker and reduces the volatilization loss of volatile oil.

The body of the respiratory valve is made of stainless steel with nickel-cadmium. All other parts are made of stainless acid-resistant steel to prevent rust. A small and medium tank has one breather valve for all the compartments. Truck fuel tanker, on the other hand, has breathing valves for each compartment.

3. Manhole Cover

The manhole cover is simply the cover on the trailer’s manhole as illustrated in the picture below. The cover has important components that you should know about, which keep the tank safe.

Truck Fuel TankerTruck Fuel Tanker for Sale

4. Bottom Valve

The bottom valve is generally installed in a truck fuel tanker outlet.  In case of a crash in an accident, the valve can cut off the pipeline in 5 seconds. This ensures the safety of the cargo and people in the car. The quick cut off also prevents leakage and explosion in an accident. The quick cut off is enough to save lives and prevent loss of the liquid being transported. oil tanker truck drivers are always advised to inspect and this other valve before loading the oil tanker truck for their own safety.

5. Oil Vapor Recovery Valve

The oil gas from volatile can be recovered to the oil tank, which prevents leakage of the oil gas. Other oil gas recovery devices are used to condense and reuse oil gas.

6. Spill-Proof Sensor

The spill-proof sensor is the alarm installed on the manhole cover. The sensor produces a sound or noise whenever the height of the liquid inside the tank changes quickly. When the liquid reaches the right height, the whistle or alarm stops. The sensor in this case plays the role of a filling up alarm. In addition, the whistle stops with the liquid insider the oil tanker truck discharge empty.


11.How is Fuel Contained and Loaded in a Fuel Tanker?

CIMC diesel tanker for sale use highly technical equipment to ensure the process of loading, transporting and offloading the fuel product is as safe and wasteless as possible. Many diesel tanker for sale are fitted with special devices that read the quantity of fuel being loaded, control pressure, and even regulate temperature!  

A specific type of hose is used during the process of loading and offloading the fuel. These hoses are designed to fit the opening on the tankers and usually have gaskets and seals in place to reduce and limit the amount of potential spilling. During the loading process, the vapor of the fuel is carefully monitored as these gases are highly flammable. Once loaded, the diesel tanker for sale are secured for travel and can head off to their destination, which is fitted with the same type of hose to properly offload the fuel.

4 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale4 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale

Diesel tanker for sale are vehicles with large tanks for transporting liquids. They are designed for specific cargos and service requirements and are built in a range of sizes. Fuel trailers for sale are equipped with a pumping system for loading and off-loading liquids. The capacity is usually controlled by the 80,000 lb gross weight limit for trucks in the US. Small tanker trucks have a maximum capacity of 3,000 gallons, while large tankers have a maximum capacity of 11,600 gallons. However, the maximum capacity of fuel trailers for sale depends on the density of the liquid being transported, explains Transcourt fuel trailers for sale Leasing. Fuel tanker trailer for sale are categorized by volume capacity and size.

Transporting Various Liquids

The smaller-capacity tanker trucks transport liquid cargo throughout a local community. These types of fuel tankers for sale in south africa are typically used at airports to fuel aircraft. Fuel trailers for sale also deliver domestic fuels, such as liquefied petroleum gas, to homes. This type of fuel tankers for sale in south africa normally carries less than 1,000 gallons. Large tankers transport more than 11,000 gallons and carry various liquids, including hazardous materials.

Semi Tanker Trailer for Sale PriceSemi Tanker Trailer for Sale Price

Many fuel tankers for sale in south africa are capable of transporting various liquids simultaneously. These fuel tankers for sale in south africa use several compartments and are capable of transporting a variety of liquids, including industrial chemicals, concrete, diesel, milk, gasoline and water. Each individual liquid has a different density, which alters the tanker’s maximum carrying capacity.

Use of Baffles

Although fuel tanker trailer for sale varies in size, the tankers all have the same distinct shape that provides maximal storage capacity. Bulk Cargo Systems explains that tankers contain several baffles to keep liquid movement to a minimum. The compartments aid in stabilizing the fuel tanker trailer for sale and offer increased transport efficiency.


12.Precautions for using diesel tanker

1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel tanker trailer, the truck fuel tanker and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, and the internal and external joints of the two ends of the oil delivery hose should be frequently coated with lubricating oil. The fuel tanker trailer for sale is easy and convenient to disassemble. Clean up the diesel fuel trailer in time after finishing the work to ensure that the inside of the pipe is clean!

2. The use and maintenance of oil tanker trailers oil pumps shall be carried out in strict accordance with their use and maintenance instructions! The fuel tanker trailer safety valve and filter net should be checked and cleaned frequently!

3. The fuel tanker semi trailer and pipeline system should be cleaned regularly. Fuel tanker trailer regularly check whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the seal is reliable! Before refueling operation, you must use a power pole to insert into the wet ground, the fuel tanker trailer grounding tape should be grounded, and the static electricity should be maintained during the operation!

4. The fuel tanker trailer should install electrostatic belts in accordance with the specifications. When static electricity encounters the extremely high concentration of combustible gas remaining in the car, it will explode. The electrostatic belt will frequently rub against the car body, etc., and the space that is prone to static electricity can be effectively removed. Static electricity hazards to ensure that the body is not harmed.

Package of Tanker Trailers for SalePackage of Tanker Trailers for Sale


13.How to choose a fuel tanker semi trailer?

1.What liquid you want to transport

Oil tanker trucks used in the transportation of petrol and diesel is usually made of carbon steel. A carbon steel tank trailer is a low-cost construction and most importantly, it is easy to process. You can also choose stainless steel and aluminum alloy tank trailers. However, the cost of these two options will be high.

Different liquids have different requirements hence the material used for building petrol, diesel and edible 3 axle oil tanker truck trailer will be different. Different liquids have different chemical and physical characteristics that go a long way into determining the choice of oil tanker truck trailer to make.

This is usually transported in an aluminum alloy tank trailer because it can avoid contaminating liquids. The oil tanker truck trailer made of aluminum is also of a big advantage when it comes to clean-out. Again, the body is completely encapsulated using insulation materials that help in minimizing the loss of heat. More than that, it is a lightweight construction offering effective volume capabilities, unlike steel trailer constructions that tend to be somehow heavy.  


2.Choose the right specification

Tank thickness –The thickness of the tank is very important. It is always recommended to use a thicker gasoline tanker, especially when transporting large amounts of fuel. The thickness of materials used in construction is an important factor in determining the service life of your fuel tank. The oil capacity is 10-22 tons, and the heavy truck chassis can be selected. Large heavy-duty gasoline tanker trucks with a fuel capacity of 28 tons or more, which can be transported over long distances, can use heavy trucks or diesel fuel trailer for sale. Our diesel fuel trailer for sale has different capacities, 20 cubic meters, 35cbm, 40cbm, 60cbm.

Tank capacity-you can choose according to the storage tank capacity. This will depend on the amount of fuel you want to transport to meet your needs. If your needs are too high, choose diesel fuel trailer for sale that can help you reduce the number of trips and reach the required number. The general loading capacity is 5-8 tons, and you can choose a large and light truck chassis. 



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If you are wondering whether to buy a CIMC oil tanker trailer, then I strongly recommend CIMC oil tanker trailer. Not only is the quality good, but there is also a lot of knowledge about the maintenance and repair of the semi-trailer to help you save a lot of money.