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40Ft Container Side Lifter Trailer

40Ft Container Side Lifter Trailer

68500 USD

CIMC produces Container side loader, 40ft Container Side lifter Trailer for loading and unloading 40ft 20ft container with 37 ton lifting capacity.

SKU: 40Ft Container Side Lifter Trailer
GTIN: 6975766103507
MPN: ZJV9506016
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

The container side lifter consists of a semi-trailer or truck, boom, control system and engine, and is used to transport or load and unload containers.

The container side loader for sale allows lifting the maximum mass of the container, excluding the spreader mass. The lifting of the container on the right side of the frame is called right-hand lifting, and the lifting of the container on the left side of the frame is called left-hand lifting.

Overall dimension:14100mm*2500mm*4100mm
Loading capacity:45ton
Axles:3 axles
Tire:12 units,12R22.5
Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension
Kingpin:    90#
Landing gear: JOST
Brake system: WABCO
Electrical system:24V, LED lights
Power source: PTO and Japenese Kubota diesel engine
Tow Chain: Igus (imported)
Max.working range:4000mm
Overall height:2500mm
Overall length:1020mm



Sundiray Gift Gilbert from Burundi - 2021-12-21T16:12:03+0800
My worry is unnecessary. When I received the 40ft container side lifter trailer, I was very worried about how I would use it. But Lora knows my operation through the video, I am very grateful. Learned in 2 hours. Nice