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38ton Powder Tanker Trailer

38ton Powder Tanker Trailer

17000 USD

Brand: CIMC 38ton Powder Tanker Trailer

Total Volume (m³): 38ton

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI 4105 Brand

Compressor: BOHAI

Axle:3 axles, 13 ton

SKU: 38ton Powder Tanker Trailer
GTIN: 6975766104184
MPN: ZJV9508097
Brand: CIMC

38ton Powder Tanker Trailer Product Description:

The powder tanker trailer transport vehicle uses its own engine power to drive the vehicle-mounted air compressor through the power take-off, and sends the compressed air through the pipeline into the air chamber at the lower part of the sealed tank, so that the cement on the fluidized bed is suspended into a fluid state. When the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, the discharge butterfly valve is opened, and the fluidized cement flows through the pipeline for transportation.

CIMC 38ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana

CIMC 38ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Ghana



Brand: CIMC CIMC 38ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale

Total Volume (m3): 25 cbm ~60 cbm

Tanker Body Material: 5mm or 6mm/ high strength wear-resistance steel

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI 4105 Brand

Compressor: BOHAI, FUDA 12m3/14 m3or other brands

Manhole Cover: Carbon steel or Aluminum 500mm(Diameter)

Discharging Valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Main Beams: Welded design, High Strength Steel

Axle: 3 axles, 14 ton

Suspension: Mechanical suspension



Buhari from Nigeria - 2021-12-30T15:12:54+0800
The service attitude of the CIMC is very good. I am very happy with my 38ton powder tanker trailer and very glad I chose to start my heavy load transporting with this powder tanker trailer.