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CIMC 45T Container Side Loading Trailer

CIMC 45T Container Side Loading Trailer

68500 USD

Do you wonder functions of side loader container trailers? CIMC provides various kinds of side loader, side loader container, side loader, side lifter, side loader truck, container loading, side loader containers.

SKU: CIMC 45T Container Side Loading Trailer
GTIN: 6975766102265
MPN: ZJV9506017
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

The container side lifter consists of a semi-trailer or truck, boom, control system and engine, and is used to transport or load and unload containers.

The container side loader for sale allows to lift the maximum mass of the container, excluding the spreader mass. The lifting of the container on the right side of the frame is called right-hand lifting, and the lifting of the container on the left side of the frame is called left-hand lifting.


1. Time saving and efficiency improving: CIMC Sidelifter can be productive all day, enabling loading, unloading and transporting containers by itself easily. 

2. Flexible solutions: With the 40ft Container side loader, you can get closer when lifting trailers safely with high precision.

3. Famous WABCO braking valve, JOST landing gear for the main chassis container skeleton trailer

4. Famous NBB Germany Remote Control, easy to operate

5. Chassis bearing: our chassis is designed to be more resilient and can be used to transport heavier cargo

6. CIMC 40ft Container Side Loader adopts wireless remote control technology, loading container just takes 10 mins.

7. Packing and delivery: we can provide a more economical packing and packing plan, which can save the sea freight for customers.

8. Advanced paint system and polyurethane paint

9. With perfect after-sale service. We offer the complete operation Manual, also we can offer video instruction. Service: we can provide operation instruction video and installation instruction video. We can also provide after-sale service



Brand: CIMC 45T Container Side Loading Trailer

Function: Loading 20ft/40ft Container Trailer

Axle:3 Axles

Braking System: WABCO 

Trailer Chassis: 14100mm*2500mm*4100mm

Tires: 12 units

Suspension: Mechanical/Air Suspension

Landing Gear: JOST

Operation: Wireless remote control or manual operation

Electric System: LED light

Power Source: Power take off (PTO) or Diesel APU



Mr. Louis Casmir from Burkina Faso - 2021-12-21T16:12:48+0800
I have really enjoyed this 45 ton container side loading trailer so far. My favorite purchase of the year.