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CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

17000 USD

Tank Body Material: Aluminum Alloy

Braking System: WABCO

Landing Gear: JOST

Electric System: LED Light

Axle: 3 axles

SKU: CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi Trailer
GTIN: 6975766103934
MPN: ZJV95080121
Brand: CIMC

CIMC Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Description:


Lightweight technology is the theme of today's powder tank semi-trailer technology development. With the increase in domestic oversight and restrictions, aluminum alloy powder tankers have emerged in the domestic market. The development of aluminum alloy powder tank trucks has broad prospects. As modern logistics transportation vehicles have become more stringent in terms of over-regulation, safety and environmental protection regulations, "lightweight" technology has become a hot issue in the special-purpose vehicle industry at this stage.

aluminum cement trailer

3 Axle Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

3 axle aluminum alloy cement trailer

Advantages of aluminum alloy materials used in powder tank semi-trailers:

1. The quality of the preparation is reduced

The density of aluminum alloy is only about 1/3 of that of steel. Aluminum alloy materials are used in powder tank semi-trailers, which can greatly reduce the curb weight of powder tank semi-trailers.

2. High economic benefits

According to GB 1589-2016 "Outer Dimensions, Axle Load and Mass Limits of Automobiles, Trailers and Motor Trains", the maximum total weight of six-axle semi-trailer trains shall not exceed 49t.

In order to achieve better economic benefits, it is particularly important to reduce the weight of vehicles and increase the effective load.

Based on 300 days of operation per year (busy year), if the weight of the aluminum alloy powder tank semi-trailer is reduced by 1.5t, it can earn an extra 45,000 to 63,000 yuan per year.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction

According to the relevant research report of the European Aluminum Association, for every 100kg lighter, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.6L, and every 1L of fuel saved can reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3kg.

If an aluminum alloy horizontal powder tank semi-trailer can reduce the weight by 1.5t and drive 120,000 km a year, it can save 5400L of fuel per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 14.42t based on half of the empty mileage.

4, Corrosion resistance

Aluminum alloy is in contact with air, and the surface will naturally form an oxide film, which has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, the aluminum alloy structural parts of the powder tank semi-trailer can not be coated with anti-rust paint on the surface.

The powder tank semi-trailer with aluminum alloy structure reduces the cost of paint coating in the factory, and at the same time reduces the damage to the operator's body and the environmental pollution caused by the paint spraying.

5. High recycling value

Due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, when the vehicle reaches the mandatory scrapping period, the car body has no major damage, and the recovery value of aluminum alloy high-strength steel is high.




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