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CIMC 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer

CIMC 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer

11000 USD

Overall dimension:12500*2500*3400 mm(customized)
Standard Loading capacity:60 T and customized
Axles of the trailer:13T/16T ,FUWA or BPW brand
Landing gear:JOST C200
King pin:50 #

SKU: CIMC 3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer
GTIN: 6975766101947
MPN: ZJV9503006
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

CIMC fence cargo trailer are another commonly used type of equipment in the transportation industry. Fence semi trailer are used to deliver products like pipe, steel, lumber, bulker cargo and other items that would be difficult to load into the back of a trailer. 3 axles fence trailer is widely used in a various industries.

CIMC production the 3 axle fence cargo trailers are noted for their highly robust structure steel, we can provide difference configurations of our flat bed semi trailer to meet your transportation requirement.

3 Axle Fence Cargo Trailer for Sale in Namibia - CIMC Trailer



L*W: 12500mm*2500mm

Sidewall Height: 1800mm

Max. Payload: <60T

Application: Coal/Cargo/Containers Loading

Material of the main beam : Q345 high strength steel

Bottom Platform: 3mm-5mm thick(according to the load capacity)

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Support leg: JOST brand

Suspension: Mechanical suspension or air suspension

Axles: FUWA/BPW/CIMC/other

Tires: 12.00R22.5/315 80R22.5(Specially designed and for oversea markets)

Brake System: WABCO

Electrical System: 24-volt lighting system



  • Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 40 ton loading capacity .

  • Heavy duty type mechanical spring suspsension for high loads requirements needs.

  • Length and width of lowbed avaiable custom made



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